Mrs. Claudia Kyriakos

In her early 30's, Mrs. Claudia Kyriakos has already over 10 years of experience as a nurse practitioner specialized in geriatrics. After she graduated from Balamand University, Claudia was fortunate to start a promising career at the Community Health Hospital of Chicago in the Unites States. But very soon, her love for her country and her elders brought her back to Lebanon where she pursued her career as a geriatric nurse practitioner at St Georges Hospital. In addition, Claudia is a CPR certified teacher and was an internship mentor for geriatric student of the University of Balamand.

Beyond her strong clinical background in geriatric and experienced managerial skills, Claudia advocates human values to create an atmosphere of mutual respect, responsibility and wellbeing at Longue Vie. She believes in the healing power of balanced nutrition and engaging activities for the elderly.

Claudia's compassionate heart embraces the circle of life from the elders she attends to with loving and responsible care to her own baby thus understanding the different stages of life.
Our chef, a graduate from the school of hospitality has 25 years of experience in Lebanese and European cooking. He insists heavily on organic and fresh produce, and requests quite often the residents input for specific recipes.

Our certified head nurse has 7 years of experience that she earned in various hospitals. She has accomplished internships in both geriatrics, and the illnesses of the elderly. She is a very compassionate person who enjoys the interaction with our residents.

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